TantraSphere Zurich | The Executive's Tantric & Erotic Massage

Bella is based in Zurich and specialises in Tantric Full Body Orgasms with erotic massage.  TantraSphere has been created through her passion and love of energy, Tantric, sensuality, erotic massage and men.  A genuine desire to blow your mind :) and make you feel extraordinarily fulfilled through one of the most nourishing ways possible in our human experience. TOUCH

The ultimate, sweet indulgence for Executives, those with high levels of stress and Tantra lovers looking for a truly, deeply, Tantric journey.   

+ 41 (0) 789 643 807        Mon- Sun          7am - 11pm  

Out-Call only  Zurich Visiting  Service to Hotels and Apartments


20 & 21 May 2017 

Luna has extensive Tantric training - through me, as well as various other channels.  Please contact direct:

+49 176 476 876 10 



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My massage is THE best Jet Lag fix around, sync with current time and say hello to a blissful full nights sleep!  

" Thank you for a wonderful experience. The day after, during my business meetings, now and then a tiny drop of fragrance would shake itself free from somewhere, my hair most likely, and explode with a little puff only noticed by me, and for the briefest of moments I'd be on cloud 9, enveloped by your soft sweetness, and able during this eternal bliss split second to travel wide and far."


" Life Changing.That was truly special. I've been walking around all day with an energy and confidence that is palpable. Thanks again!!! "


"Many thanks for the amazing experience! I enjoyed every minute and slept like a baby afterwards. It wasn't just the massage it self, but also your warm introduction to the world of sensation I didn't know existed. I really hope I/we can do it again sometime soon!"


"The first thing you need to know is that Bella is an angel. She is beautiful, charming, gentle, caring - and she is also interesting, intelligent, witty. Within a minute of meeting her you feel safe, cared for, understood. Your time with Bella is timeless. Of course it ends too quickly, but it is not even slightly rushed, and everything she does wraps you in her empathy, skill and care. She knows how to touch you and make you feel that you are in heaven, without pressure or expectation. But this isn't just a massage, it is your opportunity to re-start your life and re-connect both with yourself and with everything that is good. Your time with her is filled with exquisite pleasure, but also with true humanity. I will never forget my evening with Bella, ever. The combination of emotion, release and pleasure, in the safety of her care and compassion, was the most powerful experience of my life. Nothing, except my next time with her, will ever compare."

Your privacy and discretion is of the up-most importance, I take confidentiality very seriously.

I choose to work with Gentlemen only and at no point is intercourse offered.

This is an extraordinary Tantric massage. :-)

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