Tantra takes a unique view on Premature Ejaculation, working with the body's own rhythms.

Those that are affected, whether it be occasional or life long can experience a sense of anxiety and fear as soon as they start to feel aroused, particularly in a partner situation, this is both a conscious and unconscious reaction.  There are many reasons for the fear, in my experience with clients the main ones are the fear of ejaculating too early as well as disappointing their partner.  

Through observation and feedback, the emotion then translates across to the physical body, the body becomes very tense, the client is unable to relax fully, breathing becomes erratic, arousal is both pleasurable and also uncomfortable in many ways.  This all intensifies much more in a penetration situation, to the point where the sensations can get really overwhelming.  

The Tantra practice has a number of exercises from breathing techniques through to the PC Muscle, which can be a little labour intensive.  Remembering to breath, flexing a muscle, and trying to pleasure a partner, that's quite a lot going on at the same time!

There is a technique that I use that teaches you to become much more in tune with your own body, allowing you to have full immersion and acceptance of all the emotions and sensations that come up during arousal without any judgements.  The body automatically responds, feels more relaxed and comfortable, enabling you to actually enjoy the journey in a more present space and being able to last a lot longer.

According to Diana Richardson a well known authority on Tantric Sex, it's not just about the man, the woman also plays a contributing role.  Diana talks about the polarity, the positive energy flowing out of the penis which is then received by the vagina.  The woman has been relying on movement and stimulation so a disturbance has built up in her vagina causing her to be demanding and expectant.  The disturbance reflects as a tension and tightness in her vaginal walls creating a type of craving and hunger, this can become so intense the whole area feels like it's getting narrow and contracted so when penetration finally occurs, the woman is not receptive but also full up and the circuit for the energy flow is interrupted. 

In short, the state of the vagina gives the penis immediate feedback as to how to behave. When the vagina is excited and tight as the man penetrates, it is more likely to make the man restless and tense and ready to come.  If however the vagina is relaxed, calm and embracing the penis responds to this invitation with a thrilling life force, the positive flowing into the negative.

Being able to identify these patterns is essential in moving forward, once the patterns have been established they then move from the unconscious to the conscious where they can be managed with more awareness.  It is good practice to also start with soft penetration in the early stages of arousal, this then reduces the expectations of sex as well as the fear and the tension.

Diana suggests that it is also beneficial to agree on a time to make love, that way the pressure for the man is reduced, not having to go through the anxiety of the apprehension or uncertainty that he need not have to persuade the woman.  These situations and tensions also contribute to a premature ejaculation.  

When there is no persuasion, when we don't have to tempt and turn each other on, we can enter into love making consciously and in a more relaxed frame of mind, gradually over time our disturbing patterns of the past dissolve.

Open communication with each other is vital, entering into love making prior to full excitement for both is key to longer and more enjoyable penetration.

The body is utterly amazing, we can and have the ability to unlearn and form new ways that are more beneficial to our overall wellbeing.

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