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August 2016 - Female Energy Orgasms

Andrew Barnes, Tantric Retreat and courses,watch the master at work…

August 2016 - Female Energy Orgasms

Adina Rivers shares 3 of her friends experience.

February 2016 - Tantric Erogenous Zones

Adina's secret erogenous zones! 

November 2014 − 10 Things you didn't know about Orgasm.

'Bonk" Author Mary Roach talks about the 10 things! :-)

May 2014 blog - Mastering Injaculation.

Here is Master Chia discussing sexual energy and mastering injaculation.  He comes from a Taoist lineage, however similar methods are used in the Tantra practice, he has a wonderful detailed explanation on how this can be achieved.

January 2014 - Erectile Dysfunction & Internet Porn Addiction & Tantra

TED talk from Gary Wilson describing the emotional and physical effects with overuse of Porn.  It's not pretty!

Gentlemen for the health of your penis, mind, body and spirit, all in moderation!