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Other Tantric Techniques

Purely for those looking for advanced techniques, unless specifically requested these are not offered in the Tantric massage sessions.

You will need a minimum of 90 mins for this session, a combination of theory and practical exercises, your choice of being fully clothed or fully naked. :)

Learn how to cultivate and harness your sexual energy for use in all areas of life as an additional fuel, healing, transformation and access higher levels of consciousness.

  • Cultivate and harness your sexual energy
  • Become multi orgasmic; learn how to have multiple full body orgasms without ejaculation.
  • Open your Tantric energy pathways to expand and support higher levels of consciousness
  • Explore your sexual energy for healing and transformation
  • Move into present time spaced focus
  • Opening to your full creative potential
  • Improve your relationships

If you're interested in learning any of the above techniques please contact me to discuss, we will tailor the session around your needs.  These can also be combined with a massage.

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