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Out-Call Massage FAQ's

Dear Gentlemen,

I love visiting you at your location, it's the perfect way to unwide after a long day in the office or a great way to start the day for those that enjoy a morning massage! 

All Zurich hotels are accommodating so there is no issue with me coming to you.  Very respectful of hotel property, I don't use too much oil so there is no risk of oil on the sheets.

I'm super discreet and will organise to meet you direct in your room.

If a key is required for the lift then I will suggest to meet you on a floor with no key access or if you are comfortable in the lobby. 

You may also leave your room key in an envelope at the concierge/reception desk, I can pick it up and bring myself up in the lift.

Here are a few other considerations when you organise an appointment out-call:

  • *** It's winter; close all the windows and please ensure your aircon is on heat at maximum temp, it will feel too warm with clothes on, however it will be a perfect temperature with them off. :-)   
  • As a back up, I discreetly carry a small cube heater in my bag in case the rooms are not quite warm enough!
  • Please ensure you've taken a shower prior to my arrival.
  • Contact housekeeping for 2 extra bath towels.
  • If you would like a Prostate Massage please let me know at the beginning of the session, I like to spend time building up your sexual energy through this method for a more intense full body orgasm experience.

Looking forward to sharing my Tantric erotic massage in Zurich with you !

Bella  xx

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