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Tantric Glossary

Please note that this is a resource page, these are not all my offerings. :)

 Tantra is a broad topic so this page has been created as a useful guide to all the Tantric and related terms to help you navigate the practice a little easier.

Tantra is a profound practice and goes beyond purely Tantra massage, there are many other aspects, I wanted to share these with you,  perhaps you'll be inspired to go beyond what I offer, either alone or with a partner. 

TANTRA - translated from Sanskrit means 'woven together'

The Tantric texts date back several thousand years circa 5,000 and originate from Hindu/Buddhist traditions, a way of enlightenment, it is a way of life, not a religion, it is the teaching of a cosmic science. The bigger part of the Tantric practice is Yoga and meditation, there are an extraordinary number of practices that come under the Tantra umbrella. Tantra has become more mainstream due to the greater interest that surround the area of the practice which focus's more on the erotic and sensual aspects. Tantric Sex, Tantra Massage that includes the lingam massage and yoni massage. It is a way of enjoying a heightened sensitivity of pleasure with no limitations for both couples and singles that want to explore a more profound, conscious experience using their life force energy, better known as sexual energy.

LINGAM MASSAGE - translated from Sanskrit meaning 'wand of light'

The Lingam is the man's gentitals, the penis. The lingam is a very sensual massage, it is performed using a number of various techniques using oil and usually the hands. The skilled practitioner will elevate the clients arousal almost to the point of ejaculation and then slow down so that the sexual energy subsides. This is usually performed many times over and combined with breathing techniques so that the sexual energy travels through the Chakras the energy centres and around the body eventually resulting in a release.

PROSTATE MASSAGE - "Sacred Spot" or "G-Spot" massage

The prostate is a walnut size gland located just beneath the bladder, in Tantric terms the prostate holds a lot of emotional stress for men. The anus is full of highly sensitive nerve endings, which can be very pleasurable when stroked and pressed together with the massaging of the prostate. The prostate massage usually results in a far deeper and more intense orgasm than purely a Lingam massage by itself.

REMATURE EJACULATION or RAPID EJACULATION (PE) Happens when a man releases his ejaculation earlier than desired with minimal stimulation. This is a common complaint and can range from infrequent to very frequent sensitivity. I've written two blog posts that go into a lot more detail;

  • Are you suffering in silence with Premature Ejaculation
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BATHING RITUAL AND OTHER RITUALS - Tantra Rituals Rituals are a very important part of the Tantric Practice, the Bathing Ritual is a way a way of purification, sometimes prior to other Tantra Practices, other times alone. An invitation for you to turn inwards, allowing the Tantrika to honour and cherish your being as she washes every part of your body. You can relax into a deeper state through guided meditation and or Chakra breathing, bringing you a greater awareness and sense of peace.


Typically the intensity of a 'regular' orgasm is felt around the genital/pelvis/hip area.

A full body orgasm is produced by working with your sexual energy and chakra's, allowing it to flow around the body so as to create a very full body experience, the entire being going into an orgasmic state. Your whole body tingles and shivers in delight, the intensity can at times go into the head as well as the torso, arms and legs, feeling like every cell has been nourished.

Some have more physical reactions than others, however all experience the energetic sensations and walk away with a feeling that they are (quoted from my client feedback) "flying" or "floating".

A fully body orgasm doesn't just end when the massage finishes, the effects can go on for much longer, clients report being in a calm and happy state several days later.


Chakras are energy vortex that govern our spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. We have many Chakras located all over our energetic bodies however the main 7 are most familiar and those that are often on diagrams. More on this later…..

YONI MASSAGE - translated from Sanskrit meaning "Sacred Space"

The yoni is the female genitals, a massage that is intended to give pleasure to the full space, the labia, the internal vaginal walls, the clitoris, the G-Spot. A number of breathing techniques, strokes, various pressures and touches are used to heighten pleasure, honouring and nurturing her very sacred space.


An injaculation is an internal ejaculation where the semen is transferred back into the body. Traditionally Yogis use this method as a way of re-circulating their sexual energy, enlightenment and to rejuvenate their entire being. The easiest method for those interested in learning this is the application of pressure on the perineum. The more advanced methods are using breath and simply pure awareness.

Image used from forums.graaam.net


An injaculation is an internal ejaculation where the semen is transferred back into the body.  Traditionally Yogis use this method as a way of re-circulating their sexual energy, enlightenment and to rejuvenate their entire being.  The easiest method for those interested in learning this is the application of pressure on the perineum.  The more advanced methods are using breath and simply pure awareness. 

Image used from forums.graaam.net 

KUNDALINI - from the Sanskrit "coiled up"

Kundalini refers to the spiritual energy that is coiled up like a snake in the base of our spine/root chakra, waiting to be awakened. Once awakened the energy travels up through the spine and the chakras to the crown charka where enlightenment and bliss is experienced. The force of the energy is often felt a little like electricity along the central column. A kundalini awakening occurs through the practice of a number of yogic, meditation and chanting techniques specifically working with this energetic focus.

A true, full awakening is very rare, however there are many reports of those experiencing sparks travelling up the spine.

There is a fantastic Facebook page called Kundalini that talks purely about this topic in great detail; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kundalini/140971995120?ref=profile


Tantric sex opens and widens consciousness, weaving together the male and female polarities represented by the Hindu Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Lovemaking is transformed, intimacy is enhanced, a different way to connect more deeply, and in many ways even more profoundly. Tantra is not about achieving an end result, it is more about the journey, there is intercourse however, there are also many aspects of this practice that focus more on the energies and the breath between a couple prior to any penetration.

Within the Tantra practice the prime interest even within Tantric Sex is that the sexual energy or life force is retained so it is eventually able to re-circulated back into the brain to the pituitary and pineal glands for a profound effect on health and overall wellbeing over time.

Tantric sex teaches couples that intimacy can be achieved in a slow, long, relaxed, non judgmental, open, loving way, empowering both the man and the woman and avoids some of the pressures and tensions that 'regular' love making can bring.

Here is an extract explaining a little more about the polarities and union between the male and the female from Osho Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol. 2, Chapter 27 taken from Diana Richardson Book 'The Heart of Tantric Sex'

"THE MALE BODY AND THE FEMALE BODY ARE SIMILAR, but still different in many, many ways. And the difference is always complimentary. Whatsoever is positive in the male body will be negative in the female body; and whatsoever is positive in the female body will be negative in the male body. That is why when they meet in deep orgasm, they become one organism. The positive meets the negative, the negative meets the positive, and both become one-one circle of electricity. Hence so much attraction fro sex, so much appeal. This appeal is not because man is a sinner or immoral, it is not because the modern world has become too licentious; it is not because of obscene films and literature-it is very deep rooted, very cosmic. The attraction is because both male and female are half circuits, and there is an inherent tendency in existence to transcend whatsoever is incomplete and to become complete. This is one of the ultimate laws-the tendancy towards completion. Nature abhors incompleteness, any type of incompleteness. The male is incomplete, the female is incomplete, and they can have only one moment of completion-when their electrical circuits become one, when the two are dissolved. That is why the two most important words in all languages are love and prayer. In love you become one with a single individual; in prayer you become one with the whole cosmos. And love and prayer are similar as far as their inner workings are concerned.


Hindu Tantra refers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti as the divine deities, a representation of the two polarities, the masculine and the feminine energies. Lord Shiva is the Destroyer and represents consciousness through all the galaxies. Goddess Shakti is the Divine Mother, the power that moves between energy and matter giving birth to all creation both tangible and transcendent and abundance. Together they are all in one divine consciousness and both these elements can be found within each of us.

Image used from shiva-shakti.webnode.sk


Meditation is a practice that stems several thousand years across many cultures and is an important part of the Tantric practice. There are many scientific studies and research to understand if meditation is beneficial and how it impacts our overall well being. More to follow…..

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