Bathing Ritual, sensual, gentle  and nourishing….

A very sensual and erotic way to start your experience and a great way to unwind after a long flight or day in the office.  

The bath is filled with luxuriously scented bubbles, candles are lit and calming music plays in the background.  You step into the bath, I kneel next to you so I'm able to give your head and shoulder's a massage as a starter to ease the tension of the day.  I then use my hands to gently wash your back,  moving around and stepping into the bath with you.  Continuing to bathe every part of you.  I gently take you in my hands and softly stroke you whilst coaxing you to take slow breaths into your energy centres, bringing your awareness into your body.  When you are ready, you step out and I dry you off with a towel.  Now you are truly ready for your massage…...


The Bathing Ritual is included by request in the 90 mins, 120 mins, 2.5 hours and 3 hours massage time.