An intuitive, free spirited soul with a passion for giving Tantric full body orgasms!  



A very leggy, 1.75m, 34 B breasts and a beautiful slim UK size 10 figure with a cute bottom.


Bella's Journey….

I was tired of city life, discovered Tantra, and found it to be my calling…..

Having spent a number of years in a stressful career in aggressive environment’s, I had first hand appreciation of how stress effects us.  I wanted to combine my previous experiences with my love of energy and Tantra. I discovered, trained and studied a number of methods that not only produced a sensational mind blowing full body cellular orgasm but also allowed the bodies to unwind on all levels leaving client's filled with equilibrium and a sense of peace.  Many have reported that they still feel good several days after the massage.  It's the orgasm that keep's on giving! ;)

I mostly work with those that have high levels of stress, you give out so much energy it's a time where you can receive and recharge.

I've been very privileged to be able to travel extensively with my passion and have a global client base.


Best practice ethics.

Pride myself on giving clients the highest level of service possible, which means I limit the number of client's that I see in a day.  

This also means that I'm on an ongoing journey of research, training and study in all things energetic, Tantric, Sensual, Erotic and Stress Management.  

Self care which includes:  looking after my diet, ensuring I get enough sleep, meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong and other experiences and healings along the way that nurture my inner child.  


My education and a gift to you.

And last but not least my training, initially Tantra and the sensual arts; mainly with teachers that choose not to be main stream as well as Andrew Barnes. Swedish massage, Qi Gong, Reiki Master, Shamanic healing. Diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology and Stress Management.