Tantric Massage and 'my' Tantric way

Before you arrived to my site, you may have been googling for a while and come across a ton of other websites all offering amazing Tantra services……

The word ‘Tantra’ has been thrown about in the west in many different contexts. Tantra is not a massage and it is not sex. Tantra is an ancient practice with roots in various cultures, depending which history lesson you’ve been taking. Tantra has been around for thousands of years and comprises a great number of different yogic practices. Kundalini Yoga for example is a Tantric practice.

So what does Tantra have to do with this massage then? Tantra is in many ways a lifestyle, a way of living. A Tantrika is an energy practitioner, and is trained in the art of energy movement. A Tantrik will assist you to move your own life force or sexual energy through your body in order to create a rather profound and expansive experience. It is very difficult to describe this in words, it really must be experienced. Each client has a completely unique experience. Each Tantrika has her or his own path with the practice and offerings can vary greatly.

What does it mean for me? I was already well onto my spiritual path and the ongoing journey of self work. All my teachers found me, (when the student is ready, the teacher appears). They have all been instrumental in my path and have all offered profound training in the energetics of the Tantric practice. Through some of my training I experienced the most incredible, nurturing and healing, full body cellular orgasms, which had an extraordinarily profound effect on my life. I was so blown away by these experiences, this was surely my path. I combine erotic massage and sensual massage with the energetics of the Tantric practice. The experience is very different to receiving just an erotic massage, which of course can also be fabulous in it’s own setting.

I decided to focus primarily on clients with high stress levels, having spent several years in the corporate space I knew how exhausting consistently high stress levels could be. I found a way to design a massage experience that would bring the body back to a sublime equilibrium. A place where time no longer exists, it literally stands still. The massage clears the effects of jet lag, by realigning the body into current time zone.

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