Out Call Appointments only


Dear Gentlemen, 


I love visiting your location, it's the perfect way to unwind after a long day in the office or a long flight.

All Zurich hotels are accommodating so there is no issue with me coming to you.  Very respectful of hotel property, I don't use much oil, it desensitises the skin, so there is no risk of oil on the sheets.

I'm super discreet and will organise to meet you direct in your room, please provide your room number on check in.

If a key is required for the lift then I will suggest to meet you on a floor with no key access, or if you are comfortable in the lobby.

You may also leave your room key in an envelope at the concierge/reception desk, I can pick it up and bring myself up in the lift.


Here are a few other considerations when you organise an appointment out-call:

  • Please ensure the air-con is switched off, its better for the room to be too warm than cool.
  • Ensure you have taken a shower prior to my arrival.
  • Contact housekeeping for 2 extra bath towels.
  • If you would like  Prostate Massage please let me know at the beginning of the session.  I like to spend time building up your sexual energy through this method for a much more intense full body experience.

Looking forward to sharing my Tantric massage experience with you.


Bella xx