Premature Ejaculation Techniques

Do you find you don't enjoy intercourse as much as you'd like to for fear of releasing too early? 

Are you concerned that you're not satisfying your partner?


I've worked with some wonderful breathwork and PC excercises using purely Tantra techniques to assist clients with their control.  Over time I've discovered a new way that is less labour intensive, meaning not so much focus on the breathing and muscle control, but more about teaching you to have a new relationship with your body. Allowing you to have full acceptance and being comfortable with your sexual energy.  Through these methods clients have given me feedback that they have found that they are less sensitive and are enjoying intercourse with their partners far more as a result of  being able to immerse themselves into their sexual pleasure.

Our time will start with a massage so you feel relaxed and then I will teach you a number of methods, because we are all different its good to see which technique is best suited to your needs.