Your Tantric Massage Experience


Eastern energy and Tantra techniques fused with Western methods bring you a massage that is not only a tonic, it's a whole new level of sensory experience for your mind, body and spirit. 


Candle light flickers, soft music plays, the scene is set, we both disrobe.

A sensual, erotic massage journey that allows you to simply be, my touch at times firm, feeling out your tense/stress areas and then releasing them.  Mostly it's feather light, so light it will send little shivers of delight across your entire being.  There is a moment where I lie across your back, a wonderful way to connect and if you're really exhausted you may even doze off, that's OK, you will wake when I whisper in your ear that's its time to turn over.  

My fingers gently dance across your body, I lie across you, encourage you to hold me, following your breath, connecting.   Devotion and attention is brought to your Lingam, again the lightest of touches bring your awareness to your sexual energy as I start to tease it around your body.  Getting you more and more aroused, using various strokes and pressure's, introducing some simple breathing techniques that will allow you to further connect with your sexual energy that is now flowing intensely.  You get to a high then I slowly lower you again, my fingers and body continue to dance, the seductive tease continues, eventually in time, when I feel you are ready for your release, our eyes meet, I smile, and you experience your Tantric full body orgasm.  As you lie there 'blissed out' I finish by giving you a soothing head massage that deepens your relaxation.

Many have said they still feel good several days after the massage.  It's the orgasm that keep's on giving! ;)


In the longer 90 minute and 2 hour massage's some time is spent on your energy centres, Chakras.


•    The perfect Jet Lag treatment after a long flight

•    Rejuvenating - really! 

•    Stress related aches and pains usually disappear

•    Renewed sense of mental and physical peace

•    A wonderful rest for those that typically have a disturbed night's sleep