I don’t share my face, I prefer discretion.

Here are a few thoughts from my clients, I hope this gives you some insight to what I offer to make up for the lack of photos!



"Thank you for the most enjoyable and extraordinary experience and look forward to more next time"

"Thank you for the heavenly and dream like experience.  I slept like a baby and feel great as I now ready for the day in th streets of Zurich.  You are truly unique."

"Just a short note to say thanks again for an exceptional session yesterday.  Really was fantastic, feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated again."


"Just wanted to say thanks again, I had a fantastic firs experience, everything about it was beautiful including you (a bit intimidating a first but you have such a warm personality, i was able to relax!) Already looking forward to my next trip to Zurich."

"You are really professional, I got a completely different view on Tantra Practitioners.  Above all I like very much your personality."

"Not only i has been an incredible moment but the way you have welcomed me talked to me and made me feel comfortable has made the all experience so special that I am not ready to forget it.  Feeling that your truly cared about me made it very unique.  I want to thank you again for this privileged moment that I have spent with you.  So thankful."


"Hi Bella Thank you so much for yesterday.  I totally realign with local time."


"The sleep was perfect but the experience was even better.  Thank you it was lovely to meet you.  See you soon."


"Bella is a delightful specialist in Tantra Massage. If you know what this is, you'll likely already be on the phone to this wonderful Tantrica. If not, it's not my job to educate you. Google is your friend. She is tall, calm, sensual, erotic in a totally subdued manner, lovely, gentle and passionate. I had the pleasure of a 3-hour session which left me totally drained, satisfied and de-stressed. I slept for EVER that night!  Keep in mind that Bella is NOT a full-service provider. Full stop. She will pull from you a deeper, more satisfying orgasm than you have had in a long time - maybe even in your entire life - but only if you are willing to place youself in her hands. If you need to drive, this is not a session for you...Lovers of Tantra, or even those who are curious about it, Bella is a fantastic option. For those who like a more conventional escort experience, keep on moving. Overall, I would recommend visiting Bella (particularly if you are into Tantra massages or are even curious about them), simple joy of letting go completely, losing track of time, and indulging in the attentions of a seriously sensual woman. What can I say about Tantra that hasn't been said with greater authority and more insight in many places on the web? I won't go into an educational rant here, so suffice it to say that once in a while a bit of luxurious tantra is a really pleasant change from a more typical escort encounter. Bell arrived at my room punctually on time.  She is smart, worldly, engaging, light-spirited and deadly passionate about her work. She said that tantra is her destiny, and after experiencing her version I'd have to agree.She started off by placing, and lighting, candles all over the room. From there, she did the same in the bathroom and ran a bath for me.... and for us. A bit of getting to know each other chit chatting, and before I know it I was being undressed and led to the tub. A long, luxurious cleansing session, with plenty of scented oils and soaps (and plenty of gentle attention to the boys!) had me simultaneously aroused and sedated. A really cool energetic experience, for sure. Eventually, she guided me from the tub, dried me off in what was without a doubt the most erotic towelling experience I've ever had, and led me to the bed. From there, a 2-hour erotic massage ensued, with Bella carefully, gloriously bringing me to the edge and then gently letting me fall back from it so many times that I simply lost count. This woman is a master at reading body language, and it was clear that she didn't want me to cum until I was ready for something special. A few moments later, I blew and... my god... it was insane. It felt as if it erupted from my toes and seemed to go on for a long, long time. if you are in Zurich, and a are interested in a tantra experience, Bella would be a great choice." 


"Once again it was great. You gave me the second best orgasm in my life. Don't worry, for the best one you were also guilty ;-)" 


"Bella is absolutely stunning in how she presents herself and very open to hearing your suggestions and sharing your experiences. This was my first Tantric massage and it blew my mind. I will definitely be seeing her regularly."  


"Thanks Bella, I really had an amazing time. I cannot really describe what happened"  


"Just a short note to say thankyou for yesterday morning.  I don't recall ever feeling as relaxed in my life.  It was my pleasure to spend time with you and I am looking forward to seeing you again."


"Just wanted to say THANKS for the FANTASTIC massage you gave me last week - I never had anything like that & it was just what I needed!!!"


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the time we spent together. First, let me say that you are much prettier than your picture, which really doesn't do you justice. More important, the massage was wonderful. You have a wonderful way of de-stressing, and making the massage more than I expected. Best of all, you are charming and interesting." 


"In the middle of an extended business trip to Hong Kong and China, I was looking for an intimate, sophisticated, safe experience that would combine massage, stress relief, and sexual release.  After reviewing the options, I was ecstatic to find Bella.  From the first e-mail, she was genuine, courteous, and approachable.  Booking was easy and she was prompt to arrive at my hotel.  Being a high-level executive in a committed relationship, safety and limits were essential to me.  Bella was highly understanding and accommodating. The treatment itself was pure bliss. She is fully nude, with a steady, healing touch.   While most of the treatment is given with her hands, I so enjoyed the feel of her hair and breasts on my skin.  She started working on my back, relaxing me and removing stressful energy.  Then, switching to my front, she totally relaxed my arms, chest, and legs.  Her touch was at times pleasantly firm and at other times light and teasing.  She slowly proceeded to massage my lingam in ways no woman has ever touched me.  Her smooth light strokes and magical hand movements took me to a level of bliss I have never experienced before.  She is an expert at building arousal while delaying release.  Then she proceeded to move the sexual energy up through the chakras, encouraging me to breathe and relax deeper into the experience before another round of sweet lingam touches.  During my two-hour session, she brought me near climax eight times before finally encouraging me to orgasm.  By the time I did orgasm, I had been moaning with bliss for what seemed like eternity.   The orgasm was deep and body moving as I writhed in ecstasy on my soft white hotel comforter, the Hong Kong harbor lights sparkling outside the floor to ceiling window. I had a grand time. Bella provides a first-class service...exactly what I needed.  I will certainly be a repeat customer whenever I am in Hong Kong." 


"I enjoyed meeting you yesterday very much.  That was the greatest session I have every experienced!  You are incredibly talented and intuitive....made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  I have not experienced a true prostate orgasm before....will have to experiment with that more.  I do hope to see you again a few times before you retire!"


"I just wanted to thank you for the  wonderful massage yesterday. I feel totally rejuvenated!! ..and  have been in a calm and happy state of mind ever since. You are a truly amazing and beautiful person."


"A beautiful, charming woman, Bella put me completely at ease for my first tantric experience.  She took the time to explain the process and theory behind the process in a manner which was both professional and warm and personal.  From the moment she entered the room until she left some time later it was clear to me that this would be, and was, something special.  Not one to rush, Bella took her time relaxing my entire body using her hands, body, and breathing techniques.  The culmination was exhilerating and  calming - I was completely and utterly relaxed with a clear mind and renewed focus.  Bella is a positive force in our world!"